Seven Seas Brand "Liol"  is an idea cooking oil, great for frying vegetables and meats. It can also be used as a great massage oil that is designed to moisturize and firm your skin, leaving a healthy nourished glow.

You can use our Seven Seas Brand "Liol"  for :



Seven Seas Brand "Liol" - 50ml

Seven Seas Brand "Liol" - 100ml

Seven Seas Brand "Liol" - 200ml

Seven Seas Brand "Liol" - 500ml

Seven Seas Brand "Liol"- 1Ltr




Our Seven Seas Brand "Liol"l is a perfect companion for meats. Whether sautéing chicken or dressing your lamb.


ldeal for frying your favourite fish and seafood .


The most common use for Seven Seas Brand "Liol" is to fry your puri's in.  If grilling, lightly coat the vegetables before grilling to prevent sticking and helps protect your lovely oven try.


Nothing complements a delicious bowl of pasta.- a concept as old as Italian cuisine itself . While an obvious choice for pesto, another excellent way to use Seven Seas Seas "Liol" with pasta is as a finishing oil, lightly drizzled over the final dish just before serving.



Baby's Oil Bath

Baby massages are a long held tradition in India and we know that only the most sensitive and natural of products will suffice for your child. Seven Seas Brand “Liol” is the perfect massage oil for your baby since it is made entirely of natural ingredients and due to the edible nature of our product your baby is safe in our care. Research suggests that infants sleep more and cry less when massaged, so why not treat your baby to a massage that will help them relax while also promoting growth and development.

Belly Rub Oil

Seven Seas Brand “Liol” works wonders during the nine months of pregnancy when a woman’s skin experiences the most stress and tension. It prevents stretch marks while maintaining soft and smooth skin to make women feel far more comfortable in their own skin.

Other Uses

Thanks to the wholesome and organic ingredients in our oil, its applications and benefits are practically limitless. Seven Seas Brand “Liol” can  be used as a therapeutic massage oil for full body massages as well. 


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